What is this all about?


Flying Man and Friends is a comic written and drawn by me, Ian Marquis. It details the exuberant – and at times surreal – adventures of Flying Man and Mr. Stinky, and some other “friends” they have managed to pick up along the way: Robinson the elephant,  Alabaster and Persimmons, Teddy, Harbor, Platy, the whale crackers – plus a whole host of smiling fruits and vegetables.

I had these characters and stories rattling around in my head for years without ever doing anything with them. I wanted to make a comic out of it for almost as long. But somehow, it never seemed to happen. Then, it did. I racked up 129 strips, and then I ran out of free time. But even if I never add another strip (and I’m not saying I won’t), I won’t be taking down the site. Ever.